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CAV GT replica Ford GT40 Silver
As the premier manufacturer of GT40 replicas, we offer our customers a truly unique driving experience. In the pursuit of perfection, our bespoke and proprietary modernisations are second to none. The result is a pure and classic GT40 experience that also satisfies the demands of modern drivers. Already outperforming the original GT40, we set our sights on the future and redefine what is expected of a modern replica.

- Cape Advanced Vehicles -
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30 March 2015
PRESS RELEASE: Gen3 is here!
Read the latest press release about our Gen3 Platform at the link below:

PRESS RELEASE: Gen3 is here!

17 March 2015
European dealer update
We are pleased to inform you of our European family of distributors:

CAV Europe (Mainz)
CAV Frankfurt (Frankfurt)
Beckbye Racing (Hamburg)
Eggimann Cars (Switzerland)

Click here to view their contact details.

13 March 2015
New website online
Welcome to our new website. Find out more about our Gen3 platform and our direction in 2015 - all wrapped in an interactive tablet-friendly package!

10 February 2015
New CAV brochure series
We are pleased to publish our first brochure as part of the new generation. Read more about us and where we are headed in 2015 in the CAV Overview Brochure.

CAV Overview Brochure

12 January 2015
Gen3 manufacture begins
We hit the ground running in 2015 with manufacture of our first Gen3 chassis. The development car is also equipped with a modified version of the Ford Racing Coyote engine. We have retained our bespoke bundle of snakes exhaust system, but a keen eye will see the EURO6-compliant inline racing catalysts. This is the beginning of the future!
CAV GT replica Ford GT40 engine EURO5 EURO6

20 December 2014
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
You can now follow us on social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Stay in touch with us at the following links for industry news, GT40 media, and real-time CAV updates.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CapeAdvancedVehicles
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CAV_GT

3 November 2014
Order books open for 2015
The Gen3 CAV GT and GTR are now available to order in the 2015 model year. Sales will be limited in 2015 and we will cater for a maximum of 10 new international customers during this model year.

We have reduced our manufacturing times and our Gen3 upgrades are ready for manufacture. Our ultra-low volume facility ensures that, with no more than two cars on the assembly line at any given time, our customers are guaranteed unparalleled quality, service and attention to their specific requirements.

23 October 2014
Call to Owners for experience-based feedback
Existing CAV customers are invited to submit their feedback and suggestions in aid of product development towards the Gen3 platform.

Customer feedback has informed several upgrades to the CAV design. As a quality-driven company, we have accepted and implemented every suggestion from customers to-date. In this way we aim for complete customer satisfaction, whether new or existing, and so solidify our position as the premier GT40 manufacturer in the world.

Please submit your suggestions by email to .

20 October 2014
New Gen3 platform to be launched in 2015
The 2015 model year will see the launch of our new Gen3 platform. Advancements beyond the Gen2 (post#100) platform include the following:

- Gen3 chassis design to accommodate new emissions-compliant engines
- Upgraded suspension design and manufacturing methods
- Upgraded drive train components
- Improved interior finish

Development is underway to introduce an emissions-compliant engine to the CAV product offering. Complete with racing catalysts, and retaining the "bundle of snakes" exhaust layout, this will be the crowning feature of the Gen3 platform.

In support of our existing customers, all Gen3 features are designed to retrofit both pre- and post#100 CAV vehicles wherever possible.

12 September 2014
The Cambridge Motor Company to host CAV GT track event
Our UK distributors, The Cambridge Motor Company, will host a live track event to showcase the CAV GT in its natural environment. The event will take place on Thursday 18 September at the Bedford Aerodrome.

This exclusive event has been organised in response to the positive feedback received at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Guests will have the opportunity to drive CAV GT #178 on the circuit and then enjoy a few demonstration laps with Jules Sturgess at the wheel.

Jules Sturgess boasts an impressive track résumé and emphasizes that this event will allow guests to experience the CAV GT driven as it should be.

Interested parties may contact The Cambridge Motor Company directly at for more information.

14 August 2014
Coachwork specialists sign with CAV
Coachwork specialists, Onyx Coach Works, have entered into partnership with CAV.

The Onyx family business has contributed their expertise to marques such as Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin; and have established themselves as the leading coachwork facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

The new partnership lays the foundation for close collaboration aimed at taking the quality of all CAV bodywork to the next level.

14 July 2014
New component upgrades take the next step towards superior quality
Customers awaiting delivery of the 2014 CAV GT will benefit from new component upgrades as part of ongoing R&D and product improvements. Upgrades introduced to-date include the following:

CAV-branded rear uprights machined from aircraft-grade billet Aluminium
Upgraded material selection and revised design result in a superior upright component. The new uprights are billet machined to be stronger and lighter than the previous cast uprights. As a bonus, they are now also more beautiful.
Further to the design amendments, the upright geometry has been altered to improve the camber angle dynamics of the rear wheels; thereby facilitating improved grip and faster cornering speeds.

CNC cut and precision moulded side windows and light lenses
Upgraded material selection, together with precision CNC machining and die forming, results in more repeatable manufacture and more precise window and lens components. As such, the upgraded components fit perfectly with the bodywork and require no additional machining or re-work.
The final touch is a screen printed black border around each component for a more refined appearance.

Hella headlights and upgraded mounting brackets
All CAV vehicles are now fitted with Hella headlight units as standard. The new headlight dimensions are a close match to the originals and the units are also E1-marked and Euro-certified in both LHD and RHD configurations.
This opportunity encouraged development of the front light mounting brackets; including those for the headlights, park lights and indicators. The new bracket design now allows for bulb replacement and full headlight adjustment from the rear of the housings, i.e. the front lenses no longer need to be removed in order to perform these tasks.

Read more in the archive

23 June 2014
CAV showcase at Goodwood
The first CAV GT produced under the new directorship will be showcased at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this month. The Cambridge Motor Company (advertising as CAV UK) will exhibit CAV GT #178 at stand #110 from 26-29 June. Together with #178, they will exhibit a bare CAV Stainless Steel monocoque to demonstrate the proprietary chassis design for which the brand has become so renowned.

CAV GT #178 features F1 Red paintwork and black wheels as well as period racing decals. It also features a Weber carburettor stack, fully rose-jointed suspension and 2-way adjustable dampers.

12 May 2014
Industrial design specialists sign with CAV
Industrial design specialists, Steinhobel Design, have entered into partnership with CAV. Brian Steinhobel and his team have contributed their design talents extensively in electronics, mining, medical, furniture, pharmaceutical, automotive and sporting disciplines.
Steinhobel Design

The new partnership will focus on product design and development with particular emphasis on performance and ergonomics. As we are already the industry-leader in this context, this collaboration offers exciting prospects for improvements to existing products as well as development of future additions to the CAV product range.

In conjunction with Advanced Fibreform, Steinhobel Design will also contribute to development of carbon fibre technologies to feature on forthcoming models.

7 April 2014
Orders open for 2015
CAV has successfully secured a full quota of sales for the 2014 model year. The factory in Cape Town is now operating at full capacity.

The 2015 model year is now open for orders.

Special thanks are due to the new customers for their support and also to the distributors who continue to play a vital role in the CAV network.

27 March 2014
Cape Advanced Vehicles name reclaimed
The new directorship has successfully reclaimed Cape Advanced Vehicles (Pty) Ltd as the official company name. Cape Advanced Vehicles will supersede Auto Futura henceforth and will exist as a unified company and brand identity with a singular focus to offer the utimate GT40 experience.

The name change brings with it a new CAV logo and emblem that will feature on forthcoming vehicles for the foreseeable future.

24 February 2014
New manufacturing processes promise higher value products
Assembly of the first CAV GT, to be produced under the new directorship, is nearing completion. The assembly process has informed several improvements to both product design and manufacturing methods that promise to increase the product value and spring-board the development of future models.

The principal change applied to the manufacturing process addresses the Stainless Steel monocoque and includes new proprietary chassis treatment methods that eliminate discoloration and optimise corrosion-resistance at heat-affected zones. The outcome is not only mechanically and structurally sound; but beautiful as well.

Amendments to the CAV GT design are largely aesthetic and comprise higher quality materials, components and trim in aid of improved ergonomics and driver engagement.

20 January 2014
Composite specialists sign with Auto Futura
Composite specialists, Advanced Fibreform, have signed a partnership with Auto Futura. Decades of experience with composite materials have allowed the production team to develop composite technology for McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin as well as aircraft componentry for Boeing and Airbus.
Advanced Fibreform

Auto Futura welcomes the new partnership with particular focus on product design and development. The partnership promises to contribute exciting product architecture that will feature as part of the CAV offering in the future.

Visit http://www.carbon-fibre.co.za to learn more about Advanced Fibreform's technical repertoire.

10 December 2013
CAV GTR impresses at the Essen Motor Show
CAV Europe's golden racing-spec GTR impressed the audience at the Essen Motor Show. The GTR featured prominently at the H&R Spezial Tourwagen Trophy and shared floor space with world-class tuning firms and performance machines.

CAV GT replica Ford GT40 at Essen Germany

Industry partners, sponsors and visitors were able to share their nostalgic fondness for the GT40 and enjoyed the representative presence of the CAV GTR at the Show. There were many exciting sights and sounds and Essen provided, once again, a significant platform for growth of the classic, modern and tuning brands that are enjoyed by so many.

CAV GT replica Ford GT40 at Essen Germany

For more information about the CAV GTR please visit the GTR section. You may also contact our European distributor for more information on purchasing a CAV GTR in Europe.

26 November 2013
CAV GTR to feature at the Essen Motor Show
CAV Europe will be displaying a CAV GTR at the Essen Motor Show this coming week. The golden racing-spec GTR will share floor space with some of the newest sports series cars and classics alike. Tuners and hotrodders will also find a wide selection upgrades and aftermarket treats.

The Show will run from 30/11/2013 to 08/12/2013.

Please visit http://www.essen-motorshow.de/ for more information.

11 November 2013
New UK agent signs with Auto Futura
The Cambridge Motor Company has signed an exclusive agency partnership with Auto Futura and will act as the official United Kingdom distributorship henceforth. Operations at The Cambridge Motor Company will include maintenance and repair of all existing and inbound CAV GT's as well as full warranty and financing services for new sales into the region. Additional services will include track training and driving instruction.

As always, our good friend and partner, Frank Catt of Wealden Engineering Developments, will continue to offer his support to both The Cambridge Motor Company and individuals alike.

1 October 2013
Production commences under new directorship
Orders for the CAV GT are already in and production has commenced at the CAV factory in Cape Town.

Jean Fourie is facilitating full handover of all technical aspects of the cars such that the quality, performance and enjoyment associated with owning a CAV GT can continue under the new directorship.

15 September 2013
Auto Futura changes directorship
As of October 2013 Auto Futura will be under new directorship. Jean Fourie, the driving force behind the company for the past five years, has agreed to sell his shares in Auto Futura and transfer full ownership to a local consortium. The new board of directors comprises Messrs Philip Biden, David Pettit and Jordi Reddy (CEO).

The "new Auto Futura" aims to revitalise the CAV infrastructure with the intent to re-establish the brand as a major player in the modern GT40 arena. Further aspirations include extensive research & development to fully modernise the CAV GT.

There remains a strong focus on customer service and the new directors endeavour to maintain the great relationships that have developed over the years.

Cape Advanced Vehicles
- From Humble Beginnings -
The tip of the African continent might seem like a strange place to build high-performance sports cars, but the South African motor industry has simply kept a low profile. In truth, the industry contributes more than 6% of the country's GDP.

It is no wonder that top-end marques such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Renault have all chosen South Africa as a manufacturing hub.

It is fitting then that a replica of the world's most iconic car, the Ford GT40, should be designed and built in South Africa's most beautiful city.
Cape Town.

Cape Advanced Vehicles was founded in 1999 as a South African manufacturer of Ford GT40 replicas. The company name acknowledged Ford Advanced Vehicles; founded by Henry Ford II in 1963 to produce the original GT40 racing cars.

The first CAV GT cars were developed on the GTD platform to which many upgrades were applied. The primary focus concentrated on a tubular space frame chassis while further development work aimed to create a user-friendly kit for customers to assemble at home.

In 2005 CAV was restructured and the production facility was adopted by Auto Futura.

Auto Futura was founded with the intent to modify and improve the CAV GT to levels that would exceed all facets of the original racing car from the 1960's. The endeavour was a success and the cars manufactured today perpetuate that mantra. Most notably, the Stainless Steel monocoque chassis developed by Auto Futura has become simultaneously a topic of great interest and the keystone of the CAV platform. The upgraded interior and improved driver ergonomics have contributed refinement to a car originally designed without creature comforts.

Cape Advanced Vehicles has since been reclaimed as the company name. Today, CAV has become a by-word for quality and the CAV GT is widely regarded as the most comfortable, user-friendly and unique GT40 replica in the world today.

The CAV legacy has evolved into a powerful brand in the GT40 arena and CAV continues to ensure its success through progressive evolution; without compromising the heritage that captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the world.

GT40 History
- A Legend in its Lifetime -
The GT40 story is a tale of how the underdog beat the giant. Known and loved by car enthusiasts around the world, it is a story of perseverance and triumph against the odds; a real-life legend from just 50 years ago.

CAV GT replica Ford GT40 historic racing

In the early 1960's, Le Mans was dominated by Ferrari. Henry Ford II, as an automotive magnate confined to spectatorship, expressed interest in partnership with Enzo Ferrari and the pair brokered a deal that culminated in the imminent sale of Ferrari to Ford Motor Company in 1963. However, the deal was ill-fated and Ferrari severed ties at the 11th hour after millions of dollars in legal fees had changed hands.

In 1963 Henry Ford established Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV) specifically for development of the forthcoming racing car. FAV was under the direction of John Wyer and on 16 March of the same year the first chassis was completed. The first complete car, to be known as the Ford GT, was unveiled in England on 1 April and was exhibited in New York soon thereafter. The name "GT40" was coined from the production numbers of the subsequent cars, the GT for "Grand Touring" and the 40 representing the total height of the car in inches - a requirement for international endurance racing at the time.

The Ford GT40 was first raced in May 1964 at the Nürburgring 1000 km race. After holding second place from early in the race the car was forced to retire with suspension failure. Three more GT40's raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans three weeks later and suffered the same fate as in Germany. 1964 continued in similar fashion until the GT40 programme was handed over to the renowned Caroll Shelby. The handover was unceremonious and the cars arrived at Shelby's factory still bearing the dirt and damage from the most recent race.

CAV GT replica Ford GT40 historic racing

Under new direction, and back on home soil, the Ford GT40 claimed victory at the Daytona 2000 in February 1965. This was the GT40's first racing victory and it marked the beginning of what has become the GT40 legend.

Following the Daytona win, 1965 presented no further victories for the GT40. However, the newfound success, albeit a single achievement, acted as a springboard for the development team under Shelby's leadership. From 1966 to 1969 the GT40's were dominant. Introduction of a 7-litre V8 (upgraded from the original 4.2-litre mill) escalated the GT40's standing at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. The heroic result was total occupation of the podium by the Mk II GT40, raising the racing tally to four podium finishes in half as many years.

The winning trend continued the following year when Ford fielded four Mk IV, three Mk II and three Mk I cars at Le Mans. The Mk IV design claimed the top position and unwittingly resulted in the amendment of the race's speed regulations as a result of the extreme speeds reached on the track that year. As a result, the 1968 season limited racing prototypes to a capacity of 3.0-litres; as was the norm in Formula One. Somewhat a double-edged sword, this saw the disqualification of, among others, the Ferrari 330P and the Mk IV GT40.

CAV GT replica Ford GT40 historic racing

Excitement was far from lost, since a further amendment of the race regulations permitted a maximum engine capacity of 5.0-litres if at least 50 cars had been built to-date. To take full advantage, John Wyer's Mk I GT40 was resurrected and the engine bored from 4.7-litres to 4.9-litres. The changes paid off and, yet again, the GT40 won at Le Mans; claiming the 1968 title - the fourth consecutive win - and placing the Ford GT40 as the victor in the 1968 International Championship for Makes.

The Ford GT40 legend lives on today and the tale of triumph continues to inspire as it did decades ago.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What do the letters in "CAV" represent?

CAV stands for Cape Advanced Vehicles - a nod of respect to Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV); established by Henry Ford II to create the original Ford GT40. Learn more about us here .

How do I place an order?

You may email us using the address or get in touch with your nearest distributor here. If there are no distributors in your area, we will gladly assist with your enquiry directly from our factory in Cape Town.

Is there a waiting list for new orders?

Our vehicles are arguably the finest modern recreations of the Ford GT40. Since we handcraft each car individually, it does take a bit longer to complete each build. As a result, there is a waiting list that balances with customer demand. For an accurate indication of the current waiting period, please contact us directly via the address.

When can I expect to receive my CAV once I have placed an order?

The waiting list is a determining factor. However, once your car is on the production schedule we estimate a 2-month manufacturing cycle. This cycle starts from initial chassis construction and ends with final sign-off as a complete car ready for shipment. Our procurement cycle starts well in advance to ensure that you needn't wait any longer than necessary. We estimate 5 weeks to ship the completed car (including docking time), although shipping time varies depending on the destination.

What are the current prices?

Prices vary depending on the model selection, specifications, selected options and the region in which you intend to register the vehicle. You may email us directly, using the address, for a personalised quotation. If our distributors are in your area, we will gladly refer you to them for accurate all-inclusive pricing.

What financing options are available?

Vehicle financing options vary depending on the region in which you intend to register the vehicle. Please contact your nearest distributor to enquire about the financing options available in your region.

Are replacement parts freely available?

To achieve the desired level of quality and performance, our cars are fitted with many bespoke components. We also work with certified OEM suppliers in the cases where off-the-shelf components meet our demands. You may contact your nearest distributor who will either supply the replacement part; request that we manufacture a bespoke replacement; or otherwise refer you to a supplier in your area.

Where do I have my CAV serviced?

Maintenance and servicing should always be performed by your nearest distributor or an approved service agent.

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